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Confidentiality & Liability Waiver

Welcome to Turning Tides Life Coaching and Counselling. Please take a moment to review this confidentiality and liability waiver. If you have any questions please be sure to ask your counsellor.

Confidentiality is an integral component of the services provided by Turning Tides Coaching and Counselling. Information about you may only be shared with members of the clinical team for purposes of consultation and to ensure the highest quality of service delivery. Otherwise, information about you or your file is only released with your written permission, except: in cases of a valid court order/subpoena when there is perceived imminent danger to yourself or others if there is current abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.

Clients have the right to access their personal records and request a copy of their files. Client has the right to refuse any particular therapeutic modalities/practices and withdraw consent to counselling/therapy at any time during the therapeutic process.


All legal guardians must consent to treatment for children who are unable to consent on their own behalf. If legal guardians are separated or divorced, each party must agree to and consent to treatment.


All information received from the client shall be held in strict confidence by Turning Tides Coaching and Counselling. This includes all and any information received verbally, electronically, in writing, or any other form of communication. All such information shall remain in confidence after the coaching and/or counselling relationship has ended.


The Client:


1. Agrees that the counsellor is not qualified to diagnose or treat physical or psychological medical conditions.

2. Agrees that it is the Client's responsibility to ensure the Client's fitness to receive counselling and/or coaching services from Turning Tides Coaching and Counselling and to seek treatment, including diagnosis, from qualified medical professionals when required.

Thank you

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